High Dosed Immune & Digestive Support NEVER Tasted This Good!
  • Glutenizer Kiwi Strawberry, Vitamin C Digestive-Ade drink mix, 103 grams




    Now there is a drink mix that is sensitive to your sensitivity and can finally help with the familiar discomfort that results from that not-so-perfect meal due to a full spectrum blend of premium enzymes that offer real protection from problematic proteins.

    Enzymes aid in digestion, assist the body in healing and help with the elimination of toxins. Unfortunately you are only born with a finite amount. Foods that are deficient in enzymes, pull from your precious reserve.  As your reserve dwindles, indigestion rears its painful head which is unfortunate given enzymes are paramount to every function of the human body!  

    Glutenizer® is a refreshing, sweet and satisfying, Kiwi-Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix solution that effectively supports the digestion of ALL difficult-to-digest proteins with potent, full spectrum plant based enzymes plus 1200 mg. of immune supportive healing, non-GMO Vitamin C that are sensitive to your sensitivity!

    While there are growing numbers of gluten sensitive souls, there are many more that suffer from the inability to digest many difficult-to-digest proteins, gluten being just one of them. Turning to over-the-counter digestive aids, just makes the matter worse since these so called "remedies" target symptoms and are not capable of tackling digestion. Glutenizer® is a natural, high dosed, digestive aid that naturally and safely relieve gastric distress by providing your digestive system with digestive power and also offers 1200 mg.  of healing Vitamin C!

    Glutenizer® is a low calorie, thirst quenching treat and the perfect accompaniment to any meal, but when consumed on an empty stomach this digestive cocktail has detoxifying and healing benefits. 

    Protection from difficult-to-digest proteins is just a kiwi strawberry glass away...

    Don't get caught by surprise. Mix it up with Glutenizer®

    Non-GMO • Gluten-free • Kosher • Vegan • Truly Natural • Sugar-Free

    • Organic Stevia Sweet!