High Dosed Immune & Digestive Support NEVER Tasted This Good!
  • Glutenizer Kiwi Strawberry, Vitamin C Digestive-Ade drink mix, 103 grams

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    Glutenizer®  is a unique-to-the-market Kiwi-Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix, fortified with a full spectrum of premium and potent enzymes that boost your digestive power by addressing the digestion of ALL diffcult-to-digest proteins.  While there are growing numbers of gluten sensitive souls, there are too many that suffer from the inability to pre-digest digest many proteins, gluten being just one of them. When you are unable to digest your food, it is in effect stuck in your gut. Turning to over-the-counter ant-acids just makes the matter worse as this never address the cause of your digestive trouble. It is also worth noting that too much stomach acid is never the true problem. 

    When your body can't digest,  your food is left fermenting in your gut and wreaking havoc on your precious digestive system. The fermentation process produce gases that push up stomach acid. The acid indigestion that ensues is your clear sign and symptom that your digestive system needs the support that Glutenizer® provides. 

    We even went a step further and fortified Glutenizer® with the added immune support of 1200 mg. of non-GMO Vitamin C and sweetened it with an organic stevia for a sugar-free experience that is truly sweet!  Glutenizer® is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, but consumers can feel free to drink this delightfully, refreshing  kiwi strawberry punch even on an empty stomach for its detoxifying and healing benefits.

    Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and sugar free! Flavor with function does not get any better than this! Let's face it...everyone loves a sweet satisfying pink drink! Now there is one that you can lean on for powerful digestive support! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PINK!  All you have to do is add cool spring water and mix it up! 20% Discount offer expires February 5, 2017 or while promotional supplies last ~ Use Code: BEWELL