High Dosed Immune & Digestive Support NEVER Tasted This Good!
  • Glutenizer Kiwi Strawberry, Vitamin C Digestive-Ade drink mix, 103 grams


    Glutenizer® is a wonderfully sweet and satisfying, unique-to-the-market Kiwi-Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix solution that effectively supports the digestion of ALL difficult-to-digest proteins with premium high dosed, full spectrum plant based enzymes plus 1200 mg. of immune supportive non-GMO Vitamin C.

    While there are growing numbers of gluten sensitive souls, there are many more that suffer from the inability to digest many difficult-to-digest proteins, gluten being just one of them. Turning to over-the-counter digestive aids, just makes the matter worse since these so called "remedies" just target symptoms and are not capable of tackling digestion. Glutenizer® is a natural, high dosed, digestive aid that supports the digestion process and thereby helps to naturally and safely relieve gastric distress.

    Glutenizer® is a low calorie, thirst quenching accompaniment to any meal, but consumers can also feel free to drink this digestive treat on an empty stomach for its detoxifying and healing benefits. Enzymes are paramount to every function of the human body!  

    Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and sugar free and sweetened with an organic high grade stevia, Glutenizer®  fans all agree that flavor with function does not get any better than this!  Just add cool spring water and mix it up!